I Want Way More Than Just To Zigazig Ah

Let me let you in on a little secret:

I am EXCELLENT at avoiding important things.


Like, I don’t just procrastinate, I can actually just push things away. I have 2 great scapegoats I can blame stuff on (*cough* kids *cough*), a weirdly scheduled daily life, and, sometimes I am a pretty crappy person and downright lazy and would just rather play Words With Friends.

So, there are a lot of topics people are screaming about and I’ve noticed we all have one of these 5 reactions:

1. What? Nevermind, forget I asked, I don’t care to know what you’re screaming about. *eyeroll*
2. What? People care about that? PUH-LEEZE. Help me find a 5 letter word that ends in -IW or get outta my face.
3. What? Huh. That’s interesting.
4. What? Wow. Yeah, I definitely have an opinion about that. *read* *like* *share**double-tap**retweet*
5. What? I must learn more about this. Oh my gosh, HOLD EVERYTHING. This means a LOT to me. RIGHT NOW.

This is a blog post about #5.


Don’t everyone click the “back” button all at once! I want you to give this a skim. See what happens. Maybe you’ll react like #’s 1-3. That’s fine. I won’t hold it against you… much. But maybe you’ll discover a closer reaction like #4 and #5. And while life won’t be necessarily more pleasant, that passion could be an amazing fuel to the embers barely holding heat down deep. Don’t push this away.

(and you get to see some adorable pics if you stick with me here)

I don’t know everything about Syria. Despite even taking a couple classes in college that focused on that area for a time, I’ve forgotten a lot of the history. And recent events – ISIS, hell on earth, refugees, yeah, I still don’t know a lot but the past few days have started me down a road to change that a little.

You can google “ISIS”, “Syria”, “refugees” and learn all the facts if you desire.

Here is what is the poker to my embers:

As of April of this year 11 million Syrians have been displaced. That’s a ridiculous number. They are literally fleeing for their lives. And closely surrounding countries are not exactly welcoming them with open arms. I’ve been thinking a lot of what these people have been going through the past couple days.


I put a picture of my happy, playing, safe, well-fed kids here to keep my heartstrings pulled. What if it were me, my husband, and my two kids who had no choice but to run from bombings, beheadings, crucifixions, torture, rape, etc.? What if it were you? Your family? Your best friend’s family?


Ahem, yeah, that’s rough to imagine..

So, Ann Voskamp wrote a fabulous blog post that showed up in my email the other day. And it was full of resources and basically, I have taken some of those resources (websites) and put them in my own blog post because, well, because I want to. I’ve shared em here because they’re some of the most well put together sites for info/experience I’ve seen. I’ve shared em here because maybe you haven’t seen any of this before and the embers are glowing a little, so this is for the precious few who’ve stuck around this far. (The link to Ann’s post is at the bottom)

And there are THINGS YOU CAN DO.

Read on, dear friends.

This looks mighty different from what’s in my bag. I am totally foreign to true desperation. I honestly don’t know what that really means. These people are LIVING IT. DAILY. With their whole bodies, minds, souls. And some are dying from it. The barest of essentials…

What’s it like crossing water to a “better life”? 100 times worse than most of us could truly understand. No joyride.

Okay, how can you help?
**On Ann’s post you’ll find reputable organizations to donate too. Skip lunch at Panera once this week and give $5. Empty the piggy bank and buy some toiletries. Get your kids to help. Round up all your unused tarp. Ship it off.
**Take a selfie with #refugeeswelcome and #wewelcomerefugees. Tag your government representatives. Who are your representatives?
Click here to find your Senators and Representatives
And remember to tweet the president and VP.
**Sign a petition. Could there be anything easier? Takes like, 15 seconds. 7 if you have Autofill.
Sign the petition
**You can sponsor a refugee family, partner church to church, etc

Let me do one more thing before signing off. Lemme share good news.

Iceland’s government said it would allow 50 refugees in. But 11,000 of their small population said, “NOT GOOD ENOUGH.”
Read about em. WOW.

“To spare no effort to save lives”, Austrians willingly drive hundreds of miles as a convoy to Budapest to pick up refugees and ease their trek. The gospel in the flesh.

So what about us, America? There is something you can do. Donate. Buy a plane ticket. Shop. Click. Write your leaders. Sign your name. Get on your knees and beseech.

Do that first. Words With Friends will still be there when you’re done.

“If we cannot welcome people fleeing war, we might as well cease this inexplicable war on terror and join the bad guys.” – Rosalie Duryee

5 ways to actually help, not just talk about helping. (Ann Voskamp)

“There is enough for everyone.” – Rosalie Duryee


~ Fayelle


About ladygoat

Fayelle Ewuakye is a follower of Christ, a wife, mom to 2 girls (8 and 4), a severe autumn/Christmas maniac, a lover of all things sparkly, self-made chef, Georgia resident, and a silliness guru. You can also find her on Twitter too @Ladygoat or Instagram @Fayelle123!
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2 Responses to I Want Way More Than Just To Zigazig Ah

  1. ladygoat says:

    Thank you!

  2. Carol says:

    Excellent post. I’ve signed the petition. I’ll be praying. And I’ll look at your links to see if I can do anything else.

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