Yellow Gifts of Fresh Mercy #1000Gifts

11 January 2015

Most days you’re just bumping along, talking and listening and writing and reading and not giving a second thought to your mostly decent grasp of the English language. And then a new perspective comes along to make you stop and think, “Do I know anything?”

Today’s challenge was 3 Yellow Gifts of Fresh Mercy.


I can find yellow things I’m thankful for, and I know mercies can be new which is like being fresh but… wait, do I truly know what mercy is?

Google said this was Merriam Webster but I’m skeptical. Whatev, it’ll do. When you look it up you get a variety of definitions.

: kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly

: kindness or help given to people who are in a very bad or desperate situation

: a good or lucky fact or situation

(These are the basic summaries from the link. The full definitions are even better. But I’m trying not to make you read more than you have to which is actually what’s happening now, oh for the love, someone stop me.)

Those definitions cover a lot of ground, but okay. Now that I’ve been educated in the basics I found two gifts. But I only have a picture of one because SOMEBODY deleted the picture off my phone. (Can’t blame the kids this time, I was the moron who deleted a whole album without even knowing. Thank goodness  I backed up that whole album on Dropbox… but that was before taking the missing picture. Anywho.)


I’m sick again. I’ve been more sick in the past year than my entire life. I blame preschool and not enough sleep (both reasons are indirect ways of blaming my kids). Sore throat. Like, swollen-tonsils-but-I-don’t-have-tonsils sore. And general achiness that makes me feel like crud. In the past year, I’ve noticed when I don’t feel well, I mix bright  patterns and wear bright colors without even realizing I’m doing it (and I also go out in public looking this way, you’re welcome.) And these socks have been missing for months. I just happened to find them today. And I’m cheered a little.


(My other gift was a great pic of my husband with a yellow smiley face sticker on his forehead, trying to keep the toddler occupied while it was my turn at Jenga. God gave me a really good spouse. It truly is sad that I unwittingly deleted that photo.)

~ Fayelle


About Fayelle Ewuakye

Fayelle Ewuakye is a follower of Christ, a wife, mom to 2, a severe autumn/Christmas maniac, a lover of all things sparkly, self-made chef, Georgia resident. You can also find her on Twitter @FayelleEwuakye or email her at
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2 Responses to Yellow Gifts of Fresh Mercy #1000Gifts

  1. ladygoat says:


  2. Carol says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been so sick! Eventually the kid’ll be older and you’ll have more sleep and your immune system will have a chance to rebuild itself. *hugs*

    Love the bright colors, but even more, the moment that you described between Samuel and N2. πŸ˜€

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