A Thing You’re Reading, Making, Seeing #1000Gifts

5 January 2015

Lemme just say I didn’t intend to make my blog based on the #1000gifts challenge by Ann Voskamp. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised how I’ve been able to speak what’s in my heart through these challenges. Coincidence? Of course not. And these posts are actually better than I thought they’d be when I first started this blog. So I’m getting the joy of the challenge and you’re not getting absolute rubbish. It’s a win-win!


I love to read and I absolutely love to cook. So I’m constantly reading new recipes – however this one’s an oldie but goodie. In an ideal world, I’d cook and bake everything 100% from scratch, all the livelong day. As that’s a ludicrous idea for me right now, I do as much homemade as I can. And every time I can put something together that the whole family loves (not easy with a husband sensitive to acid and extremely picky toddler), it really boosts my spirit. This is a favorite recipe of ours but you’ll soon learn I can’t leave a perfectly good recipe alone. I add diced green pepper, black beans, and use frozen corn instead of creamed. Oh and extra cheese. ALWAYS extra cheese.
Easy One Dish Chicken Tamales  (except there are no tamales)


I have very little counter space (not much more than you see here). So I’m a pro at making a mess. Pretty sure I’ve got my PhD in messy cooking.


I saw blue sky today! It was almost magical… with all the rain lately, I think I forgot what the sun looked like. And I saw N1 practice riding her new bike


and N2 FINALLY getting to go outside after asking me for like a week with her cute, “uh duh?” Which is N2-speak for “outside”.


She’s wearing her mittens! I was skeptical about her keeping them on because she’s all about removing ALL the clothes, so, yay!

Also I’m gonna be an honest, terrible mother here… I wish I’d been able to photograph the dog that attacked them with happiness. I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. Happiest dog on the planet knocked over most unhappy children ever. So much unnecessary drama. As life with children usually is.



About ladygoat

Fayelle Ewuakye is a follower of Christ, a wife, mom to 2 girls (8 and 4), a severe autumn/Christmas maniac, a lover of all things sparkly, self-made chef, Georgia resident, and a silliness guru. You can also find her on Twitter too @Ladygoat or Instagram @Fayelle123!
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2 Responses to A Thing You’re Reading, Making, Seeing #1000Gifts

  1. ladygoat says:

    Yep!! I have a bunch of cookbooks and recipes like that too!!

  2. Carol says:

    You should see my cookbook. Want to know the recipes I make year after year? They’re on the pages that are coming out of my book and covered with all sorts of old food and grease spots. And I’m messy in the kitchen, too. I have no excuse, though! I have lots of counter space!

    Sometimes the funniest moments are the ones we’re not supposed to laugh at. 😀

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