Old, New, Blue #1000Gifts

4 January 2015

Today started out frustrating (as EVERY Sunday does without fail) but then I got to church and it was like ice water to a parched throat on a hot day (as it is EVERY Sunday without fail) and then we got home and entered to find a significant leak from upstairs and the frustrations were back but then later I had a few quiet moments with my girls that led to giggles and things were right again. So interesting how roller coaster-y just a simple day can be. And fairly exhausting. On more than one occasion I said to myself, “just update the blog tomorrow. You know what you wanna say and the pictures are ready.” To which, thankfully, I replied, “Nay. That’s how we go down the slippery slope to Non-bloggersville.” I know me too well.

Plus it is a gift all in itself – that feeling of the piled up words in my heart (thank you for that description, Chantel) finally being released. It does my spirit loads of good.


Our new-to-us car is still fantastic. And this is probably my favorite feature  (aside from that super handy feature of not breaking down constantly): automatic windows. Today’s temperature was all over the place and I used them on more than one occasion. It is not ever lost on me how nice it is not to have to always be reaching with non-Inspector Gadget arms and cranking up or down a window. I did that for 9 years in my last car. Sometimes now when I drive, I just lightly rub the buttons and smile a little. That’s kinda creepy. Moving on…


I live in a condo that’s a duplex and our mailboxes are in a little… shelter dohickey thing and it’s down the street. I don’t go and get the mail every day and we get so little, it’s fine to let it pile up. That’s a fantastic story that means little to you except to clarify that my new and blue Otterbox that “arrived today” actually arrived yesterday, and I’m nothing if not accurate about my delivery times.

My last phone got a cracked screen 6 days after I bought it and dropped it on my tile (hence linoleum in my list of things I like – I despise tile), and I blame the lack of an Otterbox and I had already shelled out $$$ so there was no buying a new one. Cracked screen for 2 1/2 years. I am SO glad and grateful that my new phone (which is allowing me to even have a blog) finally has one… 5 days after buying it. I can relax now.


Look at my precious family. Seriously, LOOK. Besides their mostly cheery faces, what I love most are the old clothes. I gave Samuel that sweater 5 years ago for Christmas. It’s one of my all time favorites of his. N1 is wearing a hand me down from a friend. I am always reminded of the people that give us clothes when my kids wear em. N2 is wearing an outfit that not only N1 wore, but also my dear cousin’s little girl. It’s one of the few articles of clothing that will go in her keepsake box because I love it so much and I have a picture now of all three girls in it. I love sentiment. I love my people.



About ladygoat

Fayelle Ewuakye is a follower of Christ, a wife, mom to 2 girls (8 and 4), a severe autumn/Christmas maniac, a lover of all things sparkly, self-made chef, Georgia resident, and a silliness guru. You can also find her on Twitter too @Ladygoat or Instagram @Fayelle123!
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9 Responses to Old, New, Blue #1000Gifts

  1. ladygoat says:


  2. Jessica says:

    Hi, Fayelle! 😀 Just wanted to comment so you know I’m following your blog. Keep up the posting!

  3. ladygoat says:

    You’re so sweet!! Thank you! I’m so glad to know you too!

    (And yep, you spelled ot right!)

  4. I love love LOVE that last picture and the beautiful sentiment that accompanied it.

    I am so glad I have you in my world, Fayelle (I’m scared I spelled that wrong!). Thank you for being a blessing in my life. 😀

  5. ladygoat says:

    You bet I will!!! And yay!!

  6. Carol says:

    I love that you’re posting so much! It’s making me want to revive my old blog even more! If I do, would you be interested in the web address? Aw, who am I kidding, I know you’ll read it. Here ya go: http://letmeswingamongthestars.blogspot.com/

  7. No problem! Be sure to check out my blog if you get the chance! Thanks – Beth!

  8. ladygoat says:

    Thank you for reading!

  9. What a lovely read – sounds like such a beautiful family!

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